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Playing Hole #4

I hope all of you have had a great golf season. It’s been a very busy month. Awesome events and from the sounds of it lots of good golf!

I would like to continue the trend of focusing on how to play better golf at Prairie Links Golf course. My weekly blog will pick up where I left off. Hole number 4 is one of my favorite holes on the course. This hole demands a committed swing and the ability to hit the correct shot. One of the more intimidating shots on the course, here’s my process in order to hit the green and hopefully make a birdie!

From the black tees hole number 4 plays 182 yards to the center of the green. From this tee box it can play anywhere from 7-10 yards down hill based on the pin location. With water surrounding the right and back side of the green it’s easy to bail out left. Leaving a difficult chip. Getting the distance to the pin is where most of us start. Whether it is a rangefinder or the GPS. I have to take into account what’s the distance to the front of the green and the back of the green. Having these three yardages will help me make a decision on which club I want to hit. The wind will always play a factor in what to do at Prairie Links. My rule of thumb is whatever wind factor I take on number 2 I do the opposite on number 4. I.e. if I hit 7 iron from 190 instead of 5 iron, I will hit 5 iron from 170 yards instead of 7 iron.

When I get to this tee shot I determine a target I want the ball to start on, what club to hit, and where the best miss is. This will help me make a more committed swing and produce better scores. You might even get lucky and make a hole in one!

One of the most important things in golf is to learn how far the golf ball goes in different situations. Weather, elevation, wind, and health. As we play more golf, pay attention to where the ball lands. Knowing how far it goes will bring lower scores on the par 3’s. I hope today’s blog helps you!

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