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Membership FAQ

What is the difference between a Single Membership and Family Membership?

Single memberships are the best option for those who wish to join Prairie Links individually. A membership includes full access to the club’s course and amenities. Family memberships include these perks for the entire family. Our memberships give you unlimited access, member only events, tournaments, prizes, and discounts with no initiation fees or extra monthly dues for members.

Do you offer quarterly or monthly membership options?

No, we do not offer any quarterly or monthly memberships. All memberships at Prairie Links are yearly memberships that begin on April 1st and run until March 31st of the following year. We do offer quarterly and monthly options for payment flexibility for our yearly memberships.

I won’t use the pool so can my wife/child use the pool on my single membership?

The pool access is granted for the member only as a single membership. A Family Membership may be issued to two adults legally residing at the same residence with their dependent(s). All must be listed on application and approved by management. When checking in we will use what we have on file to determine entry.

What does membership include?

Our membership includes unlimited use of our Golf Course and Swimming Pool, as well as charge privileges in the Clubhouse. No food and beverage minimums. Early tee time booking - private member login. Member only pool access. Get 5 free guest pool passes a year. Account Privileges (Billed WEEKLY) Must have payment method on file because larger purchases will be run on the card on file at time of purchase. Play only a few holes at a time when time allows. Unlimited access to Full Swing Simulator Apr-Oct (use as driving range). Weddings 25% off. Cafe rental FREE with catering. 10% off all Restaurant and Apparel. Season long race around Triple Crown Events. Get 4 free guests a year (18 holes + cart). Guest rate of only $40 (saves $25 per person) to bring family and friends.

What are the hours of operation?

We will be open 12-8 pm Monday - Sunday starting May 29th, 2023.

Are there locker rooms available?

There are lockers available for daily use and shower rooms on pool ground. Additional locker rooms are also available on the lower level of the clubhouse.

Does the pool have lifeguards on duty?

No, there is not a lifeguard on duty at the pool. We will have staff at the pool for department of health regulations of pool operations and management functions. Please understand a staff member in the office is not child supervision or a babysitter. We are so excited to provide a place for members to enjoy with their families.

Is the pool open to the general public?

Pool access is for members only and anyone using it needs a membership or guest pass. There are five guest passes included in a membership. Members may purchase more guest passes for $15 a day per person. Everyone must check in to enter. Pricing is listed Single Rates/Family Rates in each package where available. Cart Fee is sold separately. Just 1 round of golf per week gets you the value of a single membership. If you can't get here much, the Par Package is the perfect fit!

How do I use my pool guest passes and how are they tracked?

Checking in is required at each visit for members and guests. The guest passes will be tracked by PL staff at check in at the computer. An indication of check in will be determined and tracked throughout the day. For example: A stamp or bracelet given at check in. If not checked in they will be asked to leave.

Why do I need to check in every time I enter the pool?

Checking in allows pool management to monitor how many members enter at different times throughout the day. This allows us to ensure we are complying with Iowa Health Department inspections. So, even if you have been a regular Prairie Links member, it is still important to check in. Due to many new members and staffing, it is critical not to assume staff knows.

What is required of the staff?

PL is required to have a CPO and CPR certification on staff but not required to be present during all open hours. We are also not required to provide an AED. Calling 911 in any potential emergency situation will ensure adequate trained professionals to provide the care needed. Emergency phone located in the pool house.

What safety equipment does PL have?

There is a buoy and shepherd's hook provided for use during an emergency. Also, there is a first aid kit, backboard, and neck brace in the pool house. Please use these during an emergency and do not wait to react as you are the first responder in these situations. ANY MISUSE of this equipment will result in being asked to leave.

Are there member restrictions on how many guests they can bring and how often?

As of now there is not a restriction unless the guest percentage jeopardizes our ability to qualify as a member only facility. The rules for private and public pools are different and we are opening under the guidelines as a private club pool. We will comply with all Iowa Department of Health facility requirements. This ensures the safety for all patrons.

How much does it cost to bring a guest?

Members are given 5 FREE guest passes. After, it will cost $15 per person per visit. This is charged to the AR account of the member. We will not run as a transaction for the guest and do not accept cash.

Is there different pricing for kids?

The cost for kids is the same as adults. Family membership or a guest pass of $15 per visit with a member. No guests are allowed without accompanying a member.

How does the splash pad work?

There will be four water features that will be on at the pool. Kids of all ages are welcome to play in the area. Running will not be allowed.

Can we move around pool furniture?

All furniture must remain 6 feet from the edge of the pool for emergencies and lifesaving purposes. If you move furniture it is your responsibility to ensure to move it safely and return it in its original condition and location.

Why isn’t there more seating or umbrellas provided?

Based on memberships and projected use we have provided adequate accommodations for your comfort and relaxation at the pool. Please come early and grab a chair or use the pool deck and turf areas for additional seating on your towels. The wind and open areas do not mix well for numerous layout chairs or umbrellas at each spot. We have provided seating areas in the shade and 3 umbrellas at the dining tables to escape from the sun. If you need an umbrella at your spot we do encourage buying one to bring for personal use. Here is an example of something you could add to your swim gear: https://a.co/d/bct5grC

Are floaties and toys allowed in the pool?

Per Iowa Code for commercial use, we cannot allow floatation devices. Only approved coast guard life jackets can be used in the pool. These devices are the best way to prevent drowning and keep a child safe. Personal floatation devices that are not life jackets can cause more danger for kids.

Why can't I give my grandma/aunt/house guest etc my membership pass to use for the day?

We are strict about our guest policies because we care about our pool. Guests at the pool create wear and tear on the pool's systems, grounds, and require more staffing. These costs cannot be borne solely by the members--guests fees are an integral part of the pool's budget. Without them, costs will go up for all members. Membership privileges do not include family members who are not listed on your membership application. Only members may come into the pool without paying the guest fee. Grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. not listed on your membership will require a guest pass. Family members may not be placed on your membership, unless they can provide proof of residence in your home. The only exception to adding a non-family member to your family membership application is Caregivers (nannies, grandparents of child members). They will not have a frequency restriction, as long as family membership is active. An individual membership does not cover the child or caregiver.

What if my child is under 14 and a really good swimmer can they come without an adult?

As part of the no lifeguard on duty requirements 14 is the recommended age for maximum safety of the child. A child must be accompanied by an adult in the pool area. This does not have to be their parent or guardian, just a responsible good swimmer that is liable for that swimmer in the event of an emergency. Calling 911 and using rescue equipment provided.

Can you have events at the pool? How much is it?

Private Events are $2,000 due to closing the pool for the event. If not required to shut down to others, members can host a party at the pool for $500. This requires all food and beverage to be purchased through Prairie Links.

Can I have a birthday party at the pool?

Yes, price does not include lifeguards. Host will need to provide lifeguards per Iowa department of health guidelines below. Event pricing is the same as above.

Child:Lifeguard Ratio

Infants 1:1
Toddlers 1:1
Preschoolers 4:1
School-age Children 6:1

Can we use the colored lights during night swims?

Lighting during swimming must remain white. However, for parties and events not swimming and only using the pool deck they can be changed.

Are there going to be any member only events or cocktail parties at the pool?

We plan on doing events around the pool and firepit area and will announce these throughout the season.

Will you close the pool during outdoor ceremonies?

As of now, no. We do not anticipate a need to do so unless the pool area is impacting the wedding.

Will the pool bar be open?

When staffing allows we will open up the bar by the pool and firepit. There is a cooler in the pool house with drinks and an app to order food and drinks poolside from Prairie Patio and Grill!

How do I order food?

Food can be ordered and delivered directly to you through the Birdie Delivery App!

Will the tee boxes need to move when the pool opens?

The plan is to teach awareness of errant golf balls and push etiquette at that hole. All golfers have to be aware an errant shot could end up in the pool area. Inexperienced golfers are required to use front tee boxes to ensure safety when the pool is open. This may include events being required to use these tee boxes.

What are the POOL RULES?


Are there any additional guidelines or safety rules?

  • No long breath holding.People who hold their breath while swimming or practicing breath-holding underwater in pools are at risk of “passing out” due to lack of oxygen.
  • No pool floatation devices. Per Iowa code for commercial use, we can’t allow flotation devices and only approved coast guard life jackets can be used to prevent drownings. Personal flotation devices are more dangerous when used as swimming aids, especially for children, than swimming without a flotation device.
  • Toddlers must wear swim diapers.
  • Supervise kids. Young children should be monitored by an adult at all times.
  • There is not a lifeguard on duty so it is essential you have direct supervision. If a child is unsupervised they will be asked to leave. 69% of drowning occur in less than 3 feet and drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide.
  • No Jumping off the pool deck in the 5 foot area. There is a bench below and could be dangerous if we allow jumping off the pool deck.
  • Drink responsibly. Drinking increases the risk of drowning and awareness. Be smart about your alcohol consumption, be responsible, and be respectful of others. Anyone visibly under the influence will be asked to leave.

Do I need to update my membership now that the pool is open? What is the best way to do this?

Here is the link to our membership packages: https://www.prairielinksgolf.com/membership/membership-information

Please remember if on a single membership you are the only one granted access to the pool. A family membership is required to add additional people to your account. Membership may be issued to two adults legally residing at the same residence with their dependent(s). These must be on your account for us to know.

Now that I read the requirements I need to make sure my account has everyone listed.

Please call (319) 242-7675 and add names to your account. They must follow the above criteria to add.