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Saturday, August 12, 2023, 12:00pm
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Join us for our 2023 Calcutta on Saturday, August 12th, with a Noon shotgun start.

The entry fee is $60, which included golf, dinner and prizes. Dinner will be after the round in the restaurant and includes pork loin, beef tips in gravy, mashed potatoes, asparagus, tossed salad, pasta salad, rolls and dessert.

We will be using the most recent official handicap posting from Wednesday, August 9th, to allow time for the teams to be drawn and released before the auction on August 10th. 

Teams will be made of players randomly drawn from A, B, C and D player pools. Spouses and two ladies are not allowed on the same team, unless we have more ladies than the number of teams. 3 of 4 net best balls on each hole, using full handicaps.

Men will play Black or Blue tees, established Seniors play White or Gold, and Women play Red or Gold.

All members are invited to the Calcutta Auction on August 10th at 6 pm. You may still buy teams even if you're not part of the event. 

We look forward to holding this fun event again this year. Sign up today in the pro shop or by calling 319-242-7675.

Calcutta Rules

  • All USGA rules apply, except 1-ball rule. You must play the ball as it lies and hole out all putts....unless your score is thrown out for that hole.
  • Ties for 1st-4th place decided by a SUDDEN DEATH PLAYOFF BEGINNING ON HOLE #1.
  • We will enter scores into the handicap computer as tournament scores.
  • All no-mow will be played as a penalty area unless marked otherwise.
  • The road to the right of hole #19 is a penalty area with a no-play zone.
  • Going on or over any other roads is out of bounds.
  • The culvert on #12 will be played as ground under repair.

Auction Rules

  • Mr. Dan Kielman will be the auctioneer.
  • We will randomly select the order of teams to be auctioned.
  • Every 5th pick will be a pick of the litter.
  • Top 4 teams will be paid out.
  • Players may buy a percentage of their teams. Owners must sell 5%, and may sell more.
  • You must buy percentages prior to teeing off on Saturday.
  • Owners of teams should be present a half-hour prior to tee off to sell percentage of team.