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Playing Hole #6

A long hole with a blind tee shot. A tough combination. A golf hole like this is when you trust course knowledge.

Playing 470 yards from the black tees, the key to hitting a good tee shot is committing to a target. For me, that would be the left side of the white house on the corner of the dogleg. With wind off the left side this is a very comfortable tee shot for me to let one go.

Trusting the wind can be very hard with the no mow that surrounds both fairways. 260 yards to cover the right bunker that is a comfortable carry for myself. As we all know wind is the biggest defense of the course. Into the wind my miss will be much more left. Even favoring the left rough. In my opinion the wind at a golf course can make you feel like you are playing a new course every day.

After a well-placed tee shot a golfer is faced with an uphill shot. A dangerous bunker short right and a large green with elevation. This can leave you with a difficult chip or bunker shot. Assuming I hit a good tee shot I will have about 175 yards left for my second shot. This shot will play uphill 5 yards. I will take one more club. Really focusing on contact. A well-placed shot to the center of the green will give me a great opportunity for a par. If I’m lucky a birdie. My advice, take the par and run to the 7th tee box.

Long holes like this require a plan and patience. Hitting a poor tee shot is not a death sentence. A drive in the no-now means a recovery shot back in play with a wedge. Try to find a comfortable distance. From there play the hole like a par 5. Who knows you might make a putt for par. That can be a big confidence booster for the rest of the round.

“Golf is a game of inches. The most important are the six inches between your ears”
Arnold Palmer

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